HAND-KISS data provides an overview of hand disinfectant consumption in your facility. Measurement of hand disinfectant consumption and comparison of your data with reference data makes it possible to assess hand disinfection behavior in your institution. The results are helpful in the further training of personnel. HAND-KISS data is also well suited for progress evaluation since changes in hand hygiene behavior are also reflected in hand disinfectant consumption.

Data is collected for one calendar year and should be entered in the webKess system by March 31 of the following year.

To participate in HAND-KISS_P you will need:

  1. The KISS code for HAND-KISS_P
  2. The hand disinfectant consumption per facility in milliliters per year
  3. The number of apartments of all residents (not including assisted living) stratified by the level of care (at the time of the data input).

Introduction to HAND-KISS for Nursing Homes

If you have not entered data on hand disinfectant consumption by December 31 of the following year, you will be removed from the list of participating facilities.