It is possible for an outpatient medical facility to obtain a certificate of their participation in Aktion Saubere Hände.
It represents the successful implementation of measures to improve hand disinfection.
The certificate is a confirmation the commitment of the practice / institution to increasing patient safety by means of the following measures:

  • the provision of a sufficient number of hand disinfectant dispensers in your premises and of individual dispenser bottles to personnel (home care)
  • annual training sessions on hand hygiene for the entire team, including training on the WHO model of indications-appropriate hand hygiene
  • annual Documentation of hand disinfectant consumption in HAND-KISS

As soon as you have documented your consumption data in HAND-KISS and fulfilled the other requirements, you can apply for the certificate in webKiss. It will be provided immediately as a download and can be printed.

The certificate is provided free of charge.

The instructions for applying for the certificate can be found here:  Instructions for the Outpatient Medicine Certificate

All participants who have received a certificate and agree to the disclosure of the name of their institution will appear in the List of Participating Institutions under the Aktion Saubere Hände logo.