Since 2011 it has been possible for a hospital or rehabilitation clinic to obtain a certificate of their participation in Aktion Saubere Hände. Its purpose is to display your participation and the quality of your implementation as well as the level of change you have achieved. The criteria were revised in 2014.

In order to clearly represent the various levels, the certificate is divided into three tiers, bronze, silver, and gold. This rating requires a detailed analysis of data.

A component of the certificate application is the assessment tool. This is based on the WHO assessment tool. It serves as an instrument for a systematic analysis of your institution. Using the checklist, you will be able to evaluate available resources and successes and et an accurate idea of possible improvements.


The assessment tool can be found here:

Assessment Tool Table

The form for dispenser availability can be found here:

Form for Dispenser Availability

Form for Dispenser Availability for Rehab Clinics without Early Rehabilitation

To view a list of institutions certified thus far ranked by level of certification, click here:


Participating Institutions