Monitoring in order to determine compliance with hand hygiene guidelines is not a required measure but is one which is very worthwhile.

Direct monitoring of staff during their daily work is the most precise method of determining hand hygiene behavior and compliance. Monitoring provides a picture of the current situation as well as an opportunity to analyze behavior and to recognize common mistakes that are being made.

Conclusions can be drawn from the findings, for example, about the degree to which information from training sessions is being implemented, where gaps in knowledge exist, or what mistakes are being made. Thus, the appropriate intervention to improve hand hygiene can best be planned.

Documentation and Assessment of Compliance Monitoring

Please read through the procedures in the “Introduction to Compliance Monitoring” before beginning the first period of monitoring.

Since December 2019 it is possible to document the use of gloves during compliance monitoring.
Additional information can be found in Instructions for Data Input

The contents are also included in the updated HAND-KISS Protokoll

Data input is performed in webKess / VARIA Log in there with same user name that you use for other KISS modules (e.g. HAND-KISS).

You can use one of two methods: Directly with a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) or by first documenting compliance on the monitoring form and entering the data later in the user interface of the webkiss / VARIA.

In addition, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions

The assessment of the data can take place immediately after data has been input.

Hospitals who are not registered with Aktion Saubere Hände  can also use this surveillance-module. However, the institution must first register with HAND-KISS. Further information can be found here: Nationales Referenzzentrum für Surveillance nosokomialer Infektionen